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  • [Tuesday] 07th Oct,2014
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The RUBIS SPA is established in Shanghai in 1999, in each branch of RUBIS SPA, noble skin-care products made by using the water from the Alps in Swiss are adopted and international advanced beauty apparatuses with the price over million yuan are used. At present, there are 15 branches nationwide, each of which is managed with a direct-sale mode, and which attracts and is spoken highly by numerous stars and debutantes due to their exclusive privacy. These branches provide a sensory feast for the distinguished guests by their top-level products,superexcellent skills, and luxurious and comfortable environment. RUBIS, as a luxurious SPA brand, has become the first SPA choice of women and girls.

During this anniversary celebration, new guests can buy the limited card with RMB989 which includes treatment valued at RMB2,000. It is available in every branch of China.

Validity:sep 1st,2014--Dec 31st,2015

Hotline: 800-819-8919


1) Xintiandi Branch

   222 Binhu Rd Corporate Avenue 1 Block 2F Rm7B 湖滨路222号企业天地1栋2楼7B室(021-6340 6336)

2) Jiuguang Branch

   1618 West Nanjing Rd, Jiuguang Department S902,near Jing'an Temple.南京西路久光百货9楼,近静安寺(021-6288 3482)

3) Grand Gateway Branch

   No.1 Hongqiao Rd Grand Gateway 5F,near Huashan Rd.虹桥路1号港汇广场5楼,近华山路路口(021-6447 7705)

4) Skymall Branch

   5001 Dushi Rd Skymall 5F, near Xinzhuang South Metro Square都市路5001号仲盛世界商城5楼506,近莘庄地铁南广场(021-3463 3581)

5) Lujiazui Branch

   665 Shangcheng Road B/F,Rm09,near Seifollah Samadian 商城路665号B楼109,近八佰伴(021-3390 1597)

6) Anxin Branch

   1238 Mudanjiang Rd, Essence Square Area, Block B,Rm210,near Haijiang Rd 牡丹江路1238号安信广场B区210,近海江路(021-6659 2951)

7) Kerry City Branch

   1378 Huamu Rd, Kerry City Mall L123,Near Fangdian Rd 花木路1378号嘉里城商城L123,近芳甸路 (021-2022 1831)

8) Central Plaza Branch

   381 Middle Huaihai Rd, Central Plaza 2F Rm 210,near South Chongqing Rd 淮海中路381号中环广场2层210室,近重庆南路(021-6335 3561)

9) Guangqicheng Branch

   455 Yishan Rd 2F,Rm253/255,near Kaixuan Rd 宜山路455号2层,253/255店铺,近凯旋路(021-3652 2728)

10)Lippo VIP Branch

   222 Middle Huaihai Rd,Lippo Biz Centre B1,Rm104,near Songshan Rd 淮海中路222号力宝广场B1楼104,近嵩山路(021-5383 0111)