Places to Stay

  • [Wednesday] 19th Nov,2014
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Shanghai has a vast variety of temporary accommodation options, ranging from opulent five-star hetles to cheap-but-not-so cheerful hostels, many of which have opened since China's economy went into overdrive at the beginning of the 21st century. All the major global brands are here: hotels such as the Park Hyatt, Westin and St Regis are hungrily trying to entice a 20 million strong population and a tourist industry that is booming in the run up to the World Expo 2010. The sky's the limit on prices, with premier suites in top hotels such as the Westin costing up to CNY 70,000 per night. The mid-range category, which was once sorely under-represented, now has a growing number of interesting options, particularly in the form of guesthouses and bed and breakfasts. Budget travellers are also becoming better catered for, with motel chains such as Motel 168 providing clean, affordable places to stay. Traditionally focused on the business traveller, Shanghai's accommodation options have recently begun to enolve in a more creative manner, with a rising number of boutique hotels opening around the city, each promising to bring a little bit of style into our life ( for a not-so-little cost, of course )