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  • [Friday] 21st Nov,2014
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Multinational companies hire relocation services to move their employees overseas. Relocation firms assist in all aspects of the move, including visa registration, school consultations, and the packing and unpacking of possessions. If you want to hire a relocation or removal service as an individual, give a detailed scope of your requirements in order to get an accurate quote. Take fewer things or pack boxes yourself to save money.

China charges import tax on furniture and electronics; up to 20% for some items. Check with a removal or relocation company before you pack-smaller unnecessary electronics can rack up big bills in port. It's best to pack laptops, CDs and other smaller electronics in your personal luggage. Also remember that China only takes 220 voltage appliances, so some item may not be compatible. Shanghai doesn't impose many restrictions on What you can bring into the country(barring of course the standard drugs or illegal goods). Shipping costs vary but the average quote of locally based relocation firms is around CNY75,000 for a container(40 cubic feet) travelling from the US or the UK to Shanghai. If you only require a move across town, the cheapese option is to hire a small taxi van, know in Chinese as a 'loaf of bread van'(mian4 bao1 che1) for it's resemblance to the steamed bread for sale on the streed. Call Dazhong Taxi(the turquoise cab) to hire a mianbaoche (6258 1688). Fares for these smaller vans start CNY 20 and the driver will  not help you load and unload.Dazhong also has larger trucks and mover teams available, plus a 24 hour call center(5275 3667). Another low-cost moving team option is Gongxing Movers(6605 5185). These services are Chinese-language only so you will need to get a native speaker to make the call.