Laundry Services

  • [Thursday] 20th Nov,2014
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Nearly all Shanghai apartments are equipped with washing machines, although dryers are rare--the Shanghainese prefer to use outdoor clothing lines and all apartment come with bamboo or metal poles hanging from the terrace or window. If you don't fancy air-drying your clothes, most appliance stores offer a range of domestic and imported dryers. Small shops offering dry cleaning and laundry services are found in many Chinese neighborhoods--look for the sign marked xi yi (洗衣). These smaller operations charge by weight--around CNY 20 per 500g for dry cleaning. Ironing is usually included, and same day or next day delivery is available. Other, franchised laundromats are usually adjacent to expat complexes, such as Elephant King(6407 3633) in Jinqiao or Jazz Cleaner in the Shanghai Center or West Nanjing Rd (133 3193 5332). These usually have higher prices and charge by the Item.