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The hotel industry in Shanghai is big business. New establishments, on top of those 500 or so already in existence, are opening almost every day, and big brands such as Park Hyatt are planning their second or even third incarnation. Most still seem to be catering to the business traveller, and therefore fall squarely into the four and five-star categories, both in terms of service and price. These sumptuous hotels generally offer spacious rooms, broadband internet access, indoor pools, 24 hour concierge sclub lounges with complimentary drinks ( for those willing to pay an extra CNY 300 or so for the privilege). They tend to be centred in either Pudong, convenient for business visitors working in Shanghai's financial district around Lujiazui; near the Bund, good for exploring the Old City and People's Square; and the French Concession, great for bon vivants,with its wealth of superb restaurants, bars and clubs. The French Concession also houses some of the more historic, yet still pricey, options such as the Okura Garden Hotel or 88 Xintiandi, the latter being one of a growing number of boutique hotels in the city.

With the established and well-known high-end hotels you can generally trust their four or five-star ratings as being compliant with international standards. There is however another classification system offered by the government's own 'Office of Assessment Commission for Star-leveled Foreign Hotel in Tourism under the Shanghai Tourism Administrative Committee'[sic], which does not always correspond completely with western expectations. This makes it advisable to check out independent websites such as: or

for their own rating systems. Price is one of the easier ways to categorise.

Shanghai's temporary accommodation options. Four and five-star hotels range from about CNY1,600 for a double room to more than CNY50,000 for a suite. this is fine on a corporate allowance, but for those without the gold Amex, the lack of decent, western-standard three-star hotels can be frustrating. For thisprice range( approximately CNY500--CNY1,500 per night ), you can , however, often find good deals at some of the more historic hotels such as Ruijin Guesthouse, Hengshan Moller Villa or the Anting Villa Hotel, which make up for their lack of modern facilities with buckets of old-world charm.