Dos & Don'ts

  • [Wednesday] 19th Nov,2014
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In a country where 70% of adult males smoke 30% of the world's cigarettes it is hardly surprising that smoking is allowed in most of Shanghai's bars, restaurants and other public place, Chinese drinking laws are pretty relaxed, but remember that being found drunk and disorderly on the streets could mean a few days in a prison cell. Registering with the local Public Security Breau is a must as failing to do so will incur large fines when the time comes to extend your visa. Don't talk openly about major controversial political issues, or you will be faced with hushed silences and suspicious stares (Googling these same issues repeatedly will result in your server being shut down). For drivers, try to refrain from incessant horn honking, which could land you a CNY 200 fine. Don't be offended when smartly dressed men and women spit on the ground in front of you, it's a common practice in China. When invited to dinner, never offer to pay your share of the bill or your host will lose'face'. And finally,remember to give and receive business cards with bending or dropping them is a big no-no.