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Responsibilities: 1. Assist to GM in his daily meeting appointment , meeting minutes 2. Be able to deal with the emergencies independently, can take the initiative to deal with some urgent matters; 3. Communicate with managers of other departments; 4. Confirm and arrange the meeting time; 5. Responsible for translating, replying, organizing, archiving important information; 6. Responsible for collating conference materials; 7. In charge of other administrative work assigned by superior. Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree or above; 2. Proficient in English, can speak Chinese and read Chinese characters; 3. More than two years the secretary/assistant position working experience is preferred; 4. Knowledge of the American legal, financial or human resources; 5. Has the strong organization, coordination, communication skills and interpersonal skills, has a strong ability of judgment and decision-making, planning and execution ability; 6. Good team cooperation spirit, honest and reliable, decency; 7. Familiar with office software. 8. Pharmaceutical experiences is preferred but not compulsory Work Hours: 5 days a week .