Looking for Guest relation Officers of Five-Star Hotels--Full Time,Internship

  • [Monday] 29th Sep,2014
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Guest Relation Officer Payment Standard: Subsidy Standard: 4000-7000RMB / month during the internship, depending on the location of the hotels, the consuming condition of the city, the level of the hotels and the nationality of the internships. Usually the internship would last for 6-12 months. Employment standard (aged between 20-30): Male: 170-185 CM in height, health and symmetry, good image and temperament, without bad habits, 60-80KG in weight. Female: 160-175 CM in height, health and symmetry, good image and temperament, without bad habits, 50-65KG in weight. Hotel’s responsibility: Supply accommodation, 2-4 person per room, including TV, air condition, network, cold and hot water, bedclothes, 3 meals per day and accident insurance. Duties of Guest Relation Officer: 1、Know well all facilities, functions and working times of hotel 2、coordinate the communication between our department with other departments 3、Lead customers to hotel and assist assistant manager to handle with complaints 4、Consult customers’suggests to our hotel everyday and write them down. 5、Assist customers to register and check out 6、Help and comfort customers when they are in trouble, and report to superior leaders 7、Handle with staffs which customers left and help customers to find their staffs 8、Assist daily works of every position of our department, and supply job vacancy in time 9、Assist leaders to welcome and see off VIP customers, and handle with affairs for VIP customers 10、Be responsible for affairs of hotel lobby:staffs’appearances, labor disciplines,qualities of service, sanitation and hygiene of public areas,disciplines, and operations of every position. 11、Finish other affairs which required Web: www.busshotels.com Send CV to: hotelml@163.com No Phone call, mail contact for only