English Editor(Foreigner)

  • [Monday] 29th Sep,2014
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Responsibilities: 1. Accurately review and proof read English content for grammar and diction. Rewrite sentences to attain native-level written English 2. Compile summaries of edited reports, write excellent headlines for reports/news summaries 3. Assist internal translators and staff in improving their written English, potential to do internal workshops with staff 4. Opportunity to practice Chinese-English translation 5. Perform other related duties Qualifications: 1. Excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills are required 2. Ability to think critically, assess logical arguments and keep track of numbers 3. Confidence in editing economics, finance and business content 4. Able to collaborate effectively within a team 5. Willingness to go beyond the JD and take up other tasks that could grow your career beyond editing 6. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational background. Recent language/finance graduates welcome 7. Spoken and written Chinese ability a plus Send Your CV to: bcchr1@businessconnectchina.com