Native English speaker in deed for part-time teaching at weekends

  • [Thursday] 13th Nov,2014
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About us

Best Neighbour English Ltd. are currently looking for experienced English teachers to work in our school for part time in  Shanghai.Our school are English learning centers that mainly teach middle-school Chinese students to improve their English .

Required Qualifications:
• Native English speakers from America,Canada, Australia,UK,NZ, SA preferred 
• Bachelor degree holder or above
• Responsible for the task arranged by the employer

• Have at least over 1 or half year of teaching experience (experience with children preferred) 

• 22-48 years of age

• Highly energetic, creative, reliable individuals

Main Responsibilities 

• teaching 10-16 year-old students to speak English happily
• need to like being with children and make them happy in the class


Ad:4333 Zhenbei Road (near Wenshui Road)