How to Find Job Applicants

  • [Monday] 03rd Nov,2014
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If you earn a reputation as a fair employer who creates a healthy, friendly work environment, you probably will not have trouble finding employees. Your current workers will talk to their friends about their jobs, and your business community will notice the way you do business, putting you in demand as an employer. But if you do not find enough job applicants through word of mouth or if you are looking to build a less insulated staff environment, there are plenty of job sites and bulletin boards where you can find job applicants.


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      Start looking for job applicants within your community. If you have a good working relationship with your employees, ask them if they have friends who might be interested in working for you. If they are good workers, you probably won't have to worry about them recommending an acquaintance with a substandard work ethic because they will be stuck picking up the slack if their friends don't work out. Ask promising associates within your industry if they are looking for work, especially if you have observed them working and if have any information indicating that they are dissatisfied with their current positions.

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      Write an employment ad and job description. Include the job responsibilities and the character traits that you want in an applicant, such as attention to detail or flexibility. Provide the number of hours that you will need your new employee to work, as well as the salary range. You can include a test criteria, such as describing your business without mentioning its name if you are seeking an applicant who is familiar with your company and will recognize it from the description. Also include any non-negotiable job requirements that might discourage some applicants, such as a willingness to work evenings and weekends.

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      List your employment ad with online sites that connect employers and employees, such as and If your company is relatively small, also consider posting notices at local stores or community centers that potential job applicants might frequent.

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      If the work skills you are seeking in an applicant require a background in trade school, contact the job placement office of relevant institutions and tell them that you are hiring.