How to Find a Modeling Job

  • [Monday] 03rd Nov,2014
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In order to have a modeling career, you've got to find work. While modeling agencies find the work for their models, freelancers have to do things on their own. If you are an aspiring model or are already working as a freelance model, you will have to promote yourself and land jobs on your own. There are many resources that can help you get work.


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      Know what type of work you want to get, and be sure you have the photos and skills to qualify as an ideal candidate. If a client is looking for professional models with experience and a resume of past work, they may not look twice at a submission from a model who hasn't done any work before. Apply for jobs that you qualify for.

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      Join online modeling communities. The Internet is the easiest way for freelance models to find work. Visit online modeling communities and set up accounts. These are usually free. Once you're a member, you can post your photos and information. These sites often post information on the jobs, and you can often apply for jobs online. Take advantage of such resources.

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      Put together a portfolio. Also look into business cards that state what types of modeling work you are interested in and are available for. Include your measurements and an email address you can be reached at. For safety purposes, do not include your phone number. Instead, write your number onto your business card once you have networked with someone legitimate.

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      Follow all the client's directions carefully. Not including the right information or misreading the directions can result in your submission being ignored or deleted. Only include what the client specifically asks for. If the client is vague, send a headshot and body shot. Always mention what casting you are applying for. Clients often cast more than one project at a time and you don't want your submission to get lost in the chaos.

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      Find photographers. If you have an account on an online modeling community, start contacting photographers who have worked with an impressive list of clients. Photographers who actively shoot for magazines and other publications have many connections. By introducing yourself, you may be able to tap into that network of connections. Many photographers have discovered models and helped them in their careers by introducing them to the right people or shooting with them and submitting their images for consideration. It really is about who you know.

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      Follow up. Once you have worked with a client, be sure to follow up with a "Thank you" email. Mention that you are available for future projects. You'd be surprised how often a client will turn to the same models for work because of a positive experience as well as good correspondence. You want to build lasting working relationships that reflects positively on you as a model. One impressed client will undoubtedly spread the word to other, which can generate more work for you.