How to Send a Letter to a Shanghai Address

  • [Tuesday] 28th Oct,2014
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      Verify that the address you're using is correct and that your letter meets customs requirements. If you want to include anything other than a printed letter, check with the U.S. Postal Service's conditions for mailing larger objects.

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      Write the address in the following format:


      House number, street name, city

      Postal code, Shanghai

      People's Republic of China

      In general, the postal code for Shanghai is 200000, although the city has several codes.

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      Affix the correct postage. To see what the accurate international postage is for the Postal Service, use the international postage calculator available at USPS also provides "Airmail" stickers you can affix with the stamp to make sure the letter makes it on the plane. It should take about a week for your letter to arrive going with first-class international postage.