How to Rent Office Space in Shanghai

  • [Tuesday] 28th Oct,2014
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      Start with a good real estate agent. The large real estate companies, such as Century 21, have several offices in Shanghai. Local Shanghai real estate brokers may be able to make a quicker deal. It is always good to have more than one cost estimate.

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      Decide upon the area of Shanghai. The Pudong area across the river from the Bund is the fastest growing area in Shanghai and many multi-national businesses have their headquarters there.

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      Rent an office for one year with a minimum of three months rent in advance, as is required by most rental agreements. Shanghai real estate agents will provide all the necessary government forms and documentation. Foreign businesses also need a bank account with a Chinese bank, such as Bank of China or the Agricultural Bank of China.

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      Consider renting office space directly from a property management company. Shanghai has several large property management companies which can provide everything from a small office space to an entire building. These companies will require a longer lease commitment than the standard one year rental agreement.

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      Hire a local staff member to oversee the setup of the office. Ordering Internet and telephone services are best left to a local expert. The office manager and staff are essential to business operations and should be hired at the same time office space is rented.