Peekaboo Kindergarden

  • [Friday] 03rd Oct,2014
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Bilingual kindergarten with French and English streams paired with Chinese

Peekaboo is a 50/50 bilingual kindergarten for children aged 1-6 in either French/Chinese or English/Chinese. Classes mix aspects of both Montessori and Steiner while following respective French, British and Chinese national curricula. Kung fu and performing arts classes – such as music, ballet and art – are also a significant part of the curriculum. 

The kindergarten is located in the former French Concession in a newly refurbished traditional French-style school. As well as 14 classrooms there is also a large courtyard with four playground areas, a sand pit and vegetable garden, sport/gym room, theatre, art studio, library, science room, individual piano rooms, kitchen built to scale for children, and a mini mall which includes a salon, supermarket, restaurant, dress up and performance area.

Maximum class size is 19 taught by four teachers, giving a class ratio of 5:1.


Telephone 6433 5190

Mobile 135 2435 9692


Metro Shaanxi Nan Lu