Incoming: The Raveonettes

  • [Tuesday] 28th Oct,2014
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Everyone's favourite Danish rock band are coming to Shanghai on Friday 21 November as part of a worldwide tour for their new album Pe'ahi.

The Raveonettes toured China in 2010, halfway between the release of their fourth and fifth albums, just in the crook of their migration to a darker, more goth-inspired sound. Below, watch the music video for 'Dead Sound' off their classic 2007 album Lust, Lust, Lust:

This time they're back wielding brand new material from Pe'ahi, named for a Hawaiian cove known for its mercurial surfing conditions. Pe'ahi is The Raveonettes' seventh full-length album since they broke out on the worldwide indie scene around 2002, and it marks a shift in their sound from the dark garage rock of yore to densely layered art pop, boasting beefed up instrumentation and effects. Listen below:

It might be another four years before they make it back again, so don't miss this show. Pre-order tickets online at Damai or buy advance tickets directly at MAO Livehouse