Yong Yi Ting

  • [Friday] 03rd Oct,2014
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Exquisite Jiangnan cuisine from The Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Housed in the Pudong Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Yong Yi Ting offers some of the most exquisite Jiangnan (Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu) cuisine we’ve tasted. Yong Yi Ting’s consulting chef is rising star Tony Lu, of the famed Fu chain (Fu1039, Fu1088 and Fu1015), the go-to villa-dining restaurants for everyone from officials to nouveau riche. 

At Yong Yi Ting, the presentation and detail surpasses even the Fu level. A masterpiece of the menu is the mandarin fish (198RMB) cooked not in the usual style of cloyingly sweet orange sauce over deep-fried fish, but instead braised in a consommé as thick as gravy and rich as butter. Surrounded by tender vegetables, the fish is densely moist. The cooking here deftly illustrates the refinement of the region’s finest cuisine.