Pika Pika (Spanish Restaurant and Bar )

  • [Wednesday] 24th Sep,2014
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Open Time: 9am--22pm

Booking Line: 021-021-52755665, 021-52753773

Parking:   Several Parking place around

Card:      credit card and debit card

Address:   Rm F1-F10, 1788 West Nanjing Rd,by Huashan Rd

If it looks a little bit like a chain, it's because the owners hope to expand their concept in the next couple of years. The indoor and outdoor space with floor to ceiling windows is easy to reproduce, with clean lines and cookie-cutter furniture. 

There are 3 Spanish chefs busy in the open kitchen, the food they prepared and offering which is solid quality, decent prices and a friendly atmosphere. Sometimes, after a long day, this is all you want in the world.