Le Petit Jardin

  • [Friday] 03rd Oct,2014
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If you’ve visited a dozen local cafés, you might be wondering where the kitschy grandmother’s living room theme came from – what’s with all the floral wallpaper, vintage lamps and random knick knacks? Come see one of the originators of the craze and still the queen of them all: this place does antique living room with more grace and style than any of its hundred copycats. 

Of course Petit has its advantages. The owners of this space and the small group of Petit-themed cafés that have followed in locations around town have deep pockets and sharp eyes for collecting vintage objects from around the world, and now have so many that they can fill warehouses and cafés for years to come. Hidden behind an unassuming door on an entirely residential block, Petit Jardin offers average coffees and desserts (from 35RMB) surrounded by gorgeous old furniture and lighting, time-worn prints and paintings and lush flowering plants.

Le Petit Jardin, 220 Kangping Lu, near Tianping Lu, Xuhui district (5258 2058). Open 11am-11pm daily.