Art Show of the Week: Trilogy of the Moderns

  • [Wednesday] 29th Oct,2014
  • in ericlin
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Photographer Gerard Rancinan and writer Caroline Gaudriault combine to go in search of meaning in today's confusing world. Rancinan's photography is often absurd and uses shock to overtly tackle the problems of our time: obesity, consumerism, war, idealogues and more. Seven years in the making, The Trilogy of the Moderns was first exhibited in 2009 in Paris and this year has found its way to Shanghai's Himalayas Art Museum.


The exhibition is split into three sections, the first is called 'Metamorphoses' and is inspired by mythology. The second section called 'Hypotheses' is explores threats that exist to human culture and life. The final section named 'Wonderful World' depicts a childish and absurdist vision of the world where happiness reigns supreme. The themes are universal and the works striking. In many a mirror is being held up to our world but the reflection we see is perhaps not what we expect. With over 40 works over all, the exhibition provides a great opportunity to sink deep into the artist's world and contemplate life's larger questions.