Art Scene Warehouse

  • [Tuesday] 03rd Jun,2014
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As part of the M50 artist community, the Art Scene Warehouse is a 1,800 square metre dedicated space for avant-garde Chinese artists to exhibit their paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs. The Art Scene Warehouse is likely the beating heart of the art community in Shanghai given its large space and stated mission of 'discovering' the next generation of young artists in Shanghai.

Art Scene Warehouse
              2/F, Bldg #4, 50   Moganshan Road
  Shanghai 200060 China
  T [+86] 21 6277 4940
    F [+86] 21   6433 8403

Gallery hours:
               Tuesday - Sunday, 10:30 am -   6:30pm
               (please note: the time is Beijing/Shanghai standard time)

If you are interested in holding an event at Art Scene Warehouse, please call us or email us at: