Yoga, cooking, dancing, and martial arts: classes for everybody!

  • [Monday] 21st Apr,2014
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Looking for workshops in art, sports or cooking? Shanghai is the place to be. You’ll find classes in everything that interests you in this metropolis. Even if you don’t speak Chinese you can follow a lot of interesting classes. There are even classes for your children available! So go ahead, enrich yourself, meet new people, and have fun!


For lovers of art Shanghai has some great art classes. If you’re looking for a serious class that takes more than one day you will find what you’re looking for at Colorbox Creative Arts Center or The Expat Learning Center. They both offer serious classes in all sorts of arts; from painting to fashion design. A four week course at Colorbox Creative Arts Center will set you back 1400 RMB, while the 10-week courses at The Expat Learning Center cost you about 3600 RMB. For a general art course you can go to Outstanding Art, they’ll teach you about art history and theory in ten sessions for 1500 RMB. Looking for something a little less serious? Shanghai offers all sorts of workshops that only take a couple of hours. Whether you’re looking for feedback on your calligraphy skills or you are an experienced photographer looking to enrich your resume: Shanghai has something for everyone.


For food-lovers Shanghai also has a lot to offer. Do you want to be able to cook a proper Chinese dish? Or would you rather learn to prepare a western meal? Whether you are an amateur chef or you have never cooked a meal in your life – Shanghai has classes in all cuisine for all levels. Cooking classes could last anywhere from 1,5 to four hours. You can make a reservation just for yourself, with a couple of friends, or even with your company. If you don’t want to go out, Flying Chef offers a culinary class at your own home, alone or with a couple of friends. The chef will bring the ingredients and will even clean your kitchen afterwards! If you would like more of a total experience, Kitchen by the Garden and Chinese Cooking Workshop are the places to be. They both offer a cooking class including a wet market tour, where the chef’s will explain how to do your grocery shopping at your local wet market and how to use the ingredients you’ll find there in your cooking. Prices for cooking classes range from 150 RMB – 750 RMB per person. Cook in Shanghai has the best deal; a three to four hour Chinese cooking class including wet market tour for 299 RMB.


If music is your life’s passion, you’re probably best off learning some Chinese and going to Shanghai Conservatory of Music. However, if you just want to learn to play an instrument for fun Shanghai has a lot of places to go. You can find private and group classes from Hongqiao to Pudong. And not only are there classes to learn to play an instrument, there are also DJ classes available. If you are using your voice as an instrument, of course there are singing classes, as well as a variety of dancing classes. Prices for music and dancing classes differ a lot, you can find them for about 100 RMB per class, but if you want a private teacher you should expect to pay a lot more. For people without rhythm trying to stay in shape, there’s a variety of fitness clubs in Shanghai. As you might expect, especially classes in martial arts, yoga, and meditation are plenty here. Whether you’d rather take a group or an individual class, whether you like to exercise in the morning or evening, whether you’re a beginner or advanced; there’s something for everybody. Prices of classes usually range between 100 to 400 RMB per class, but this depends a lot on what you’re looking for.