Shandong passersby hold umbrella to shield injured man from heat after motor accident

  • [Friday] 05th Sep,2014
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A motorcyclist in the Weifang city of Shandong was severely injured after a vehicle collision that left him lying helpless in the street on August 30. Following suit of last month's umbrella birth in Sichuan, a group of passersby came to his side with an umbrella to shield him from the sun as aid was on the way.


Ten minutes after the accident, more than 10 passersby came up and helped.

When the ambulance arrived, the group of people carried the man onto it.






Last month, 20 passersby held out umbrellas to shield a woman giving birth to a baby in the rain on a Sichuan street.

We're envisioning a whole new wave of umbrella Samaritanism.