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  • [Monday] 21st Apr,2014
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Looking to improve your English? Shanghai offers a variety of ways to do this. There are classes, schools, or meet-ups to learn English. Of course it is also possible to hire a private teacher. Depending on what you want to learn and how much time you have to learn it, you can find whatever you want in Shanghai. Improving your English opens a world of possibilities within this international city. As Web International English puts it: ‘Better English, Better Life’. 


For your children it is probably easiest to go to an international school if you want them to improve their English. Most international schools do require a certain level of English before your child can apply; your kids will have to take a test to get in. If this is too difficult, there are some local schools with an international focus which are usually less expensive and have a lower level of English.


For adults there are English Language Classes available, mostly taught by native English speakers. You can take a private English course for the fastest results or go to an English class which is usually cheaper. For most flexibility you can follow online courses by yourself. If you want to take an IELTS and TOEFL there are training centers specialized in test training; like Shanghai Brisbane Education or Global Education and Technology Group. 


A good way to practice is by getting a language partner. It’s a cheap option, and easy to find. There are a lot of native English speaking foreigners in Shanghai that want to learn some Mandarin, if you’re a native Mandarin speaker you can try finding a partner online on forums and exchange language. Not only native English speakers are wanted, some people are looking for a language exchange partner to learn Spanish, Italian, German, or another language. You can find people that want to exchange languages easily online, on websites such as meetup.com, mylanguageexchange.com, or conversationexchange.com. The Shanghai English Learning Club has meetings every week with a mix of foreigners, to practice English and to make new friends in an international environment. This is not actually a class, but a great way to meet people and speak English to them.