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  • [Thursday] 22nd May,2014
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Going to Karaoke Bars, or KTV as we call them in China, is an extremely popular  activity among young people of all social statuses in China.  Paying a visit to one of the hundreds of KTV bars around Shanghai is definitely worth trying out.


Even though Karaoke is well known all over the world and most people have tried karaoke once or twice, it’s a different experience over here. Chinese people take Karaoke to the next level.


KTV bars in China have a unique design that makes your singing experience a bit more private. Instead of a large room with one centre stage where one person at a time sings their heart out, Chinese karaoke bars (or clubs) are located on spacious floors filled with dozens of different sized rooms. Each room has its own karaoke equipment, so you don't have to be bothered by someone else’s singing (other than the people you came with) and you have a smaller crowd to impress.


The KTV rooms are all provided with good audio and video equipment. They usually come with some cool lights and cozy couches, and you can order food and drinks by pressing a button. The fancier KTVs even provide a complimentary buffet.


Because of the labyrinth layout of karaoke rooms, it’s easy for a (tipsy) newcomer to get a little lost when heading for a bathroom break or some fresh air. But, if lose your way, you can always pop into some other room and ask to join in as a guest singer.  This is also an option if someone from your own crowd is being a bit possessive with the microphone…


You can show up to a KTV bar at just about any time of day and rent a room by the hour. The rates depend on the size of the room and the time of the day, with early mornings and daytime rates being cheaper.


Below is a list of Shanghai’s most popular KTV bars. On weekends, it is better to make a call and reserve a room in advance to avoid standing in line.


Party World ( Cash Box) KTV


Pu Dong Branch

Address: B1, Shanghai Bay Ordos Building, No.1118 South Pu Dong Road, facing No.1 Yaohan
Tel: :021-68597666

Xu Hui Branch

Address: 5F-6F, No.580 Tian Yao Qiao Road, close to Lin Ling Road
Tel: 021-61619888

Lu Wan Branch

Address: In Fu Xing Park, No.2 Gao Lan Road.
Tel: 021-53063888

Pu Tuo Branch
Address:No.139 Xin Hui Road, close to jade Buddha Temple.
Tel: 021-51721888

Hong Kou Branch

Address: No.1661 north Si Chuan Road, close to East Bao Xing Road.
Tel: 021-51288300

Haoledi KTV


Luwan Branch

Address: 2 Shungchang Road, close to Xintiandi, crossing of Taicang Rd and

Haoshan Road.

Tel: 021-6311-5858

Opening Hours: 10am-6am


People’s Square Branch

Adress 6/F, 479 Nanjing Dong Road, near People's Square

Tel: 5351-0808

Opening Hours: 10am-6am


Huangpu Branch

Address: 180 Xizang Zhong Luvnear People's Square

Tel: 5351-0808

Opening Hours: 10am-6am


V-Show KTV


Xujiahui Branch

Address: 3-4/F, 123 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Metro City

Tel: 5425 5999


Huaihai Lu Branch

Address: 4/F 99 Huaihai Dong Lu, near Xizang Nan Lu

Tel: 5425 7999