Gang of old men beat up guy refusing to give up bus seat in Hubei

  • [Friday] 05th Sep,2014
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A young man sitting on a bus in Hanyang, Hubei province was violently hit by a group of old men after he failed to give up his seat. The police took them off the bus for mediation, China News reports.

The group of five elderly men ranging from 60 to 70 years old were on their way home after a gathering. A witness said the old men stood next to the young man seated on the bus, and the seated man scolded them after they unintentionally collided with him. One of the older men then delivered a few punches to his face.

Police arrived at the scene and eventually mediated the conflict. Luckily, the young man was not injured too badly (at least that's what he's telling people) but was sent to the hospital for a medical check.

The incident once again calls into question the age-old debate surrounding seat etiquette. Should able-bodied youths give up their seats to elderly folk without having to be asked, or should they just jump-kick them face?

[Image via China News]